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Best frameless monitors: The screens we recommend are frameless

What are bezel-less displays?

You may have heard the word "bottom rank" throughout the tech industry, but what exactly does it mean? Well, those who do not know what the border is around the screen. It's the era of bezel-less design and every machine you see has slim bezels, because that's the currently accepted form factor. It looks futuristic and stylish and offers more screen real estate without making the product bulky. So in this buying guide, we will look at some of the best bezel monitors that come with very thin and sharp bezels.
What are the benefits of bezel-less displays?

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Aside from looks, bezel-less displays have other benefits that make them an excellent value compared to regular monitors. Monitors that do not have thin bezels or do not have borders around the screen area, and are very convenient for multi-display setup. Provides continuous multi-monitor viewing without the annoying black bars you get with regular monitors.

If you want to set up multiple monitors, we suggest that you read our buying guide for setting up multiple monitors, as we've reviewed two capable competitors that are ideal for this.

Also, the bezel-less form factor saves a lot of screen space without making the screen look large, so if you have space constraints, these displays provide excellent space.

About the screen:

The Scepter E248W-19203R is an entry-level monitor from the manufacturer with slim mounting positions for normal document reading and processing purposes. They have adequate color accuracy, but the accuracy and response times may not be the best for editing and gaming purposes. You can checkout its complete review on

Most promising aspects:

The highlight of the Scepter E248W-19203 is its affordable price. It offers a VA panel with decent contrast and color accuracy; however, the resolution is limited to 1080p as it is a cheap display. Supports a refresh rate of up to 75Hz, which is great to watch in this price range, as most screens you can see offer 60Hz. If you want a little more smoothness, you can go with our current competitor as it is one of the few monitors that supports 75Hz at this price. The aspect ratio is 16: 9 and the required response time is 8ms, making it ideal for everyday tasks and casual games. VA panels are known to have excellent contrasts and provide a decent black consistency, so black never appears gray on this screen.

Aesthetically, the display looks purposeful and well-assembled. Although it is made of plastic, you can expect long-term durability. The bezels are thin on all sides, giving it a very modern touch. The stand that comes with the monitor only has a tilt feature, which means you won't get any further adjustments. However, it has VESA holes on the back, so you can always mount this monitor on a dedicated arm of your choice. Other than that, the Scepter E248W-19203R comes with a pair of built-in speakers to instantly hear sound.

Screen negatives:
It's an excellent display for the price, but Scepter should have made the design appear even more premium. It doesn't look as stylish as other monitors in the under $ 150 category.

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